DistriKluiz - General sale conditions

Article 1:

Any order and purchase entails on the part of the customer the full and complete acceptance of these general conditions and excludes all other general or special conditions.

Article 2:

Unless otherwise stipulated on the invoice, it is payable in cash.

Article 3:

In the absence of payment within the prescribed deadlines, conventional interest without formal notice at the rate of 2% per month of delay from their due date will be applied.

Article 4:

The goods supplied remain our entire property until full payment of the corresponding invoice. Also, in the event of bankruptcy of the buyer or judicial seizure of his property, the goods supplied but not yet paid for cannot be seized.

Article 5:

We only take back bottles and racks from the brewery at the price invoiced upon their return in good condition.

Article 6:

The loaned material remains the property of the brewery. It reserves the right to invoice the purchase price if the equipment is not returned within one month of the deadline set by the brewery.

Article 7:

Any complaint concerning the invoice must be introduced by registered letter within eight days of receipt of the invoice.

Article 8:

Any dispute between parties will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Hainaut Business Court - Tournai division.